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Steven M. Edic
Steven has always had a passion for leadership, entrepreneurship, and his family, and those passions first intersected during a property development project early in his career. As newlyweds, Steven and Beth Edic purchased their first home, envisioning the perfect home on the hill to raise their children. What they discovered was far from their dream home, so the couple re-imagined the structure, and rebuilt it from the ground up to meet their needs. In the winding years that followed, Steven followed his passions around New York state to become a proprietor of a local wine & liquor store; owner of metal fabrication shop, and manager of a metal recycling facility. All of these experiences have lead him to establish Edic Properties, LLC, in 2016, to further his passions and realize his dreams.

When Steven isn't developing properties in the Central New York area, he is spending time with his family or hiking and boating in the Adirondacks.

CLARKSON UNIVERSITY B.S., Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, 1980