About the company.

Our Mission

Edic Properties, LLC, was founded in 2016 by Steven and Tyler Edic, with the goal of acquiring, renovating, and renting multiple properties in the upstate and Central New York areas.

We pride ourselves as a family business, and make ethical practices our #1 concern, because we understand that the real estate business is more than just the bottom line.

To succeed, we are constantly seeking knowledge and mentors in the real estate investing realm, as well as possible future investments. Currently, we specialize in buying, rehabbing and renting residential multifamily properties.

Our History

  • NOVEMBER 2016

    Tyler & Steve met to lay the initial groundwork for what would become Edic Properties, LLC.

  • JUNE 2017

    The company aquired its first investment property, a two family home in Fulton, NY

  • SEPTEMBER 2017

    The company acquired its second investment property

Meet our awesome team.

Each person brings unique skills and experience to our family owned investment team.

Steven Edic Owner & President


Tyler EdicMarketing Director

Charles Edic Contributer

Beth Edic Material Acquisition Specialist

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